Skyrocket Your Small Business Revenue with These 3 Simple Tricks

 Increase Your Small Business Revenue

Fellow small business owners, are you tired of seeing tumbleweeds instead of dollar signs rolling through your bank account? If you’re the girl at the checkout line putting back her $4 bottle of wine because it’s “just too much of a splurge,” I’m talking to you. Hear me now: there is so much money waiting for you. Whether you’re just looking to make “a few extra dollars” kinda money or “sip champagne in a tub full of gold” kinda money, it’s out there and these three tricks will have it flowing into your bank account in no time.

1. Wake Up Early

What’s that saying? Early bird gets the worm? In your case, early riser gets the dough. Waking early not only sets you up for a more productive day, it gives you an opportunity to pull yourself together instead of rolling directly out of bed into your office chair. Feel like the confident boss babe that you are with clean hair and a morning routine that involves manifesting the kind of money you’ve always dreamed of having.

2. Develop a Money Mantra

Speaking of manifesting, get yourself a money mantra — a short quote or affirmation that you can tell yourself every morning and every night. Bonus points if you also write it down repetitively. Something like “Money is on its way” is simple, but highly effective. What you think, you believe. So believe this, sista!

3. Stay Connected

Keep on your clients, your prospects, and your business leads. Use social media to create meaningful relationships with your customers and make sure to stay present and relevant in their lives. This means showing up in their feed on a regular basis so you stay at the forefront of their mind. Use your early morning time to learn new techniques or processes that make you more effective or more valuable for your clients. Give yourself an edge. Keep doing it all, again and again. And at night when you’re writing your money mantra for the nineteenth time, remember why you’re doing it all — why you provide this service, or business, and why you want more monies.

That’s it. Seriously. Do these three simple things and before long you’ll be rolling in piles of money, or at least splurging on $4 bottles of wine.