3 Reasons Arizona Stole My Heart

Why Travel Arizona

Today is dedicated to my insanely itchy feet. We're avid travelers. We've been all over the United States and outside of the country twice. Clearly we can't stay put for too long. But, of all the places we've been we've always avoided returning to the same place twice. Mostly because there is so much to see and so little time to see it in - I mean we may only live to be a hundred, if we're lucky, right? But something changed last year. So, here we are today and I'm booking flights to return to the same place again. Arizona. 

It's got me thinking about why, of all the places we've traveled, that Arizona is the one we want to explore again. 

Three Reasons Arizona Stole My Heart

 Devil's Bridge Sedona Arizona

1. Cacti

Cacti are my spirit animal. I know, not an animal, but if they were they'd be my spirit animal. They are so resourceful and resilient, and they are EVERYWHERE in Arizona. Front yards. Medians. Coffee Shops. 

2. Lux Central

Speaking of coffee shops. Phoenix has, dare I say, THE best cup of coffee ever. It's located at Lux Central and also frequently appears in my dreams. You know the coffee place you imagine when you're envisioning your most productive, classy self - all casual and motivated like no other sipping your iced almond milk latte - surrounded by only the most determined, successful, and influential people? That's this place, and those determined, successful, and influential people all rode their bicycles in wearing thrift store fashion and thick rimmed glasses. So basically it's the coolest place on earth. 

3. Sunshine

If only I could pick up my entire family and relocate them to some place warmer, my dream is to spend everyday in cut-off shorts and Birkenstocks. This is Arizona. Warm sunshine on your face, cool air, and cacti (did I say that already?). Take it from a Midwestern girl who's spent all her life melting during the humid summer after a full three months of thawing out after winter. Arizona weather is the bees knees. 

The flights are booked, and in April we'll return. Ah, I can feel it now.