Beat The Winter Blues With This Simple Ritual

Six percent of the U.S. population is affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and another 14% is affected by the winter blues. According to scientists, certain brain chemicals, ions in the air, and genetics factor into whether we're part of this group of "winter depression" sufferers or not. In most cases, winter equates to less physical activity, unpredictable routines, and eating things we wouldn't normally eat as part of holiday routines. Even if you don't consider yourself included in the 14%, these things alone are enough to put anyone in a "funk". If you've had enough of the ice-laden roads and school delays, I'm talking to you. Unless you have a tropical vacation planned for tomorrow, it can be difficult to imagine surviving another several weeks of this cold bleakness.

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Skyrocket Your Small Business Revenue with These 3 Simple Tricks

Fellow small business owners, are you tired of seeing tumbleweeds instead of dollar signs rolling through your bank account? If you’re the girl at the checkout line putting back her $4 bottle of wine because it’s “just too much of a splurge,” I’m talking to you. Hear me now: there is so much money waiting for you. Whether you’re just looking to make “a few extra dollars” kinda money or “sip champagne in a tub full of gold” kinda money, it’s out there and these three tricks will have it flowing into your bank account in no time.

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New Mom, You Need a Massage

As a new mom we're tired; like on a level that we never even knew existed tired, and we're sore. Our bodies just performed the most incredible, amazing, ultra intense feat of bringing our babies earthside and now our bottom hurts when we laugh. (Seriously, who knew you used your bottom so much to laugh). Not only that, statistics show that two-thirds of all women develop postpartum blues as a result of fluctuating hormones; which is basically all of us, if you do the math right. 

"Sometimes the best way to take care of your new babe is to take care of his mom."

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Try This Romantic Tradition Instead of Eating out for Valentine's Day

We talked about unconventional Valentine's Day gifts, but what about traditions? 

In our house we have a Sunday soup tradition, a travel at least twice a year tradition, a Christmas Eve family tradition, and a Valentine's Day tradition. 

This year will mark three years since the Valentine's Day tradition was born as a way to honor togetherness and food, because what's more important than that? Don't get me wrong, I love a good excuse to get fancied up and gaze at my man from across a restaurant table, but I always knew I wanted Valentine's Day to be a family affair. I wanted our future children to see this day as a way to share love with everyone, not just a spouse or significant other. So, I founded the "get fancied up and cook something new" day. 

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4 Houseplants Guaranteed to Show Your Love on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be all cut flowers and chocolates. I mean, maybe chocolates, yes, but how about houseplants instead of roses?

A potted plant can have a tremendous effect on your environment and your emotions. Studies show houseplants can improve concentration and productivity, reduce stress, and boost your mood. Additionally, they eliminate harmful toxins in the air, and what says "I love you" more than "I want you to have fresh air to breathe"?

Not to mention, they live a lot longer than a dozen roses. 

But, how do you choose which plant to give with so many different choices?

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3 Reasons Arizona Stole My Heart

Today is dedicated to my insanely itchy feet. We're avid travelers. We've been all over the United States and outside of the country twice. Clearly we can't stay put for too long. But, of all the places we've been we've always avoided returning to the same place twice. Mostly because there is so much to see and so little time to see it in - I mean we may only live to be a hundred, if we're lucky, right? But something changed last year. So, here we are today and I'm booking flights to return to the same place again. Arizona. 

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The Only 3 Books You Need to Read Right Now

An alternate title for this post may have been "An Ode to Jen Sincero and my overwhelming (read: mildly obsessive) love for her", but that one felt slightly less compelling. 

I've been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. In fact, my favorite thing about being a writer is being a reader, because of all the ways I've grown through the stories I've read. But of all the books I've perused during my time on this planet, none have changed my life like the following three.

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